Getting Started

Before your first appointment, please fill out our acquaintance/health history form and bring it with you to your appointment. 

New Patient Examination

At your initial appointment, Dr. Lee will conduct a thorough examination of your face, mouth, teeth, and jaws to determine the basis nature of your problem.  This important visit will give you, and us, insight into your orthodontic needs.  If orthodontic treatment is indicated, we may recommend that diagnostic records be gathered. 

Diagnostic Records 

    Study models (impressions) - molds are taken with a dental tray filled with alginate (a gel substance)     that hardens around the teeth.  The trays are removed from the teeth and filled with plaster to create     models of the patient's teeth.  Study models enable Dr. Lee to scrutinize the position of each tooth, and 
    how it relates to the other teeth.

   Photographs - allows Dr. Lee to study the teeth and facial relationships.

    X-rays - these are fantastic tools for viewing potential complications or pre-existing damage.  They also 
    allow Dr. Lee to see the exact position of each tooth and its corresponding root(s).


While we can often answer general questions about treatment during the initial appointment, we will address specific areas after careful analysis of the diagnostic records.  At the consultation appointment, we will discuss the specific problems, treatment recommendations, time frames, and financial arrangements.  We will answer any questions you may have.  Our goal is for our patients to leave the office with a clear understanding of their specific needs, treatment details, cost of treatment, and length of treatment.